Twin Valley is the thought-leading nature estate for discerning individuals who appreciate freedom, self-sustainability and independence.


Twin Valley is driven by the values of:

  • Uniqueness:
    Bringing together luxurious, country style living with the best of scientifically developed green, self-sustained technology.

  • Sanctuary:
    Where you can get away from it all and simply do your own thing.

  • Balance:
    Where the entire development is in balance with nature through state-of-the-art solar energy, natural water supply and advanced recycling systems.

  • Freedom and Space:
    To garden, hike nature trails, enjoy mountain biking and simply do your own thing on your own parcel of private land, without sacrificing comfort and access to city amenities.

  • Integrity of the Developer:
    Where the main focus falls on the sustainable, environmentally responsible development of a parcel of pristine coastal land in an economically sound and viable fashion.

  • Professionalism of the Development Team:
    Builders and suppliers have been carefully selected to ensure the highest quality at the most competitive prices, while still adhering to the ‘green’ philosophy of the Twin Valley Nature Estate.


solar-energy natural-water-supply  recycling-system

Solar Energy

Natural Water Supply

Recycling System

Renewable energy is the ultimate form of “green living”. The estate boasts its own fresh water supply. Residents have the option of eco-friendly recycling.

The sustainability and independence offers you the chance to build your dream home within the borders of the exclusive Twin Valley Nature Estate for the ultimate in uniqueness, natural sanctuary and balance.