Hein Sevenster is the primary selected architect for Twin Valley Nature Estate.

He obtained his tertiary qualifications in architecture in 1990 and has more than 20 years’ experience in architecture. H7 Architecture specialises in residential-, townhouse-, apartment- and steel structure developments as well as small to medium retail shopping centres.

H7 Architecture is situated in the Eastern Cape and the local conditions, rules and regulations are familiar to them, ensuring accurate design.

H7 is a member of SACAP and a member of SAIAT ensuring that H7 Architecture abides to the code of conduct as prescribed by each body.

There is a carefully selected registered panel of builders to choose from.


Hein Sevenster

Cell:  +27 (0)82 455 6682
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Address: H7 Architects Offices
  C/O Lyme Road South and St Francis Drive
  St. Francis Bay