Guidelines promotes protection and restoration of nature.

Twin Valley homes are built according to guidelines that complement the country surrounding and promote the protection and restoration of nature through special fixed design and eco-friendly elements.

Special Fixed Design Elements:

  • “Joining Volumes” with natural stone cladding to join pitched roof elements.
  • Timber pillars for supporting pergola with purpose made metal shoe on plastered brick pillar.
  • Shaped plastered brick pillars for supporting covered patios.

Eco-friendly Elements:

  • Solar Power: 
    Solar heating and solar energy comes from the sun’s energy in the form of radiated heat and light and converts it into electricity. Twin Valley Nature Estate gives the option to homeowners to install Ellies PV Solar Panels with a Sunny Boy Inverter that serves as a multifunctional tool that also stores operating data and monitors existing grid connections. The Ellies PV Panels are made from high strength tempered glass, manufactured to withstand uncompromising and variable weather conditions and will dramatically reduce your electricity bill. Electricity is also available directly from Eskom.
  • Biological Sewage Treatment:
    No sludge, no waste and no permanent labour. The plant purifies domestic sewages, accommodates grey water and has low electricity consumption. Effluent water complies with the standards of the Department of Water Affairs and is used for irrigation in gardens.
  • Water:
    Clear fountain water from the estate.
  • Waste Removal / Recycling:
    Each home will be equipped with recycling ability. Recycling will be done at source.